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We're Hiring!

Just Crossing Alliance has posted a short-term position to organize Alliance and community activity before and during the Interstate Bridge Replacement public comment period. Get the details!

A crossing centered in Justice

The Interstate Bridge Replacement is our region’s largest transportation investment in half a century. It should be centered in social justice, environmental justice, climate justice and fiscal responsibility.

The Just Crossing Alliance is a partnership of Environmental, Environmental Justice and Sustainable Transportation organizations who have endorsed a statement of values for the project. Formed in the Spring of 2022 we have grown from five founding organizations to 36 partners.

At the Just Crossing Alliance, we are dedicated to ensuring infrastructure investments truly serve the public interest. We actively champion equity by engaging with and elevating the voices of equity priority communities, are committed to protecting their access to economic and transportation benefits, and work against actions that could perpetuate harm to these communities.

We have advocated at both the regional level and legislative level, including our Right Size Right Now campaign during the 2023 Oregon Legislative session. We are preparing for the public comment period on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement in early 2024.