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Here comes the LPA!

    That’s the “Locally Preferred Alternative”, the project configuration that will be taken into the environmental review process. It’s the key set of parameters that the eight local partner governments will be asked to endorse over the next few months.

    The IBR project has indicated that the LPA recommendation will include these key elements:

    • Number of auxiliary lanes
    • Transit mode selection
    • Hayden Island Access (interchange on Island or access from Marine Drive interchange)

    The LPA is one of the key decision points in the project, and one of the best places where we can advocate for a project consistent with our values. When briefings or endorsement meetings are scheduled with the eight project partner governments, we’ll list them on our calendar.

    One current source of tension: Metro has asked the project to provide multiple scenarios as part of the LPA consideration. The project appears poised to deliver a single recommendation.

    Stay tuned! The LPA recommendation is likely to be revealed at the April 21st Executive Steering Group meeting.

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