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Action Alert: Fewer Lanes!

    On Thursday, May 5th, the Interstate Bridge Replacement Project will recommend one of two Locally Preferred Alternative scenarios. Here are the scenarios on the table:

    Scenario A: 1 Auxiliary Lane in each direction and a Partial Interchange on Hayden Island, Scenario B: 2 Auxiliary lanes in each direction and a Full interchange on Hayden Island

    While the Alliance is excited to see high capacity transit in the form of Light Rail get across the river, we don’t support either the 8 lane (1 auxiliary lane in each direction) or 10 lane bridge (2 auxliary lanes in each direction) options. You can see our analysis of the climate impacts of the additional auxiliary lanes. Our position is that the critical span across the Columbia between Hayden Island and downtown Vancouver should be limited to six lanes so that we don’t induce additional traffic. We believe the best tool to manage congestion is congestion pricing.

    It’s also important to limit the impact of the project on Hayden Island. The best way to do this is a partial interchange, which provides an opportunity to have a complete streets network on the Island, supporting local traffic, walking, biking and rolling.

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    Thank you! This action alert is closed. We delivered almost 200 signatures to the Executive Steering Group!